The Norm Maul Insurance Agency was started in 1977, and has been here in the Moon Valley area ever since. Our Agency is run as a family business, with Norm acting as Agent, and Outside Sales Representative, and Janet Maul as Office Manager.

We reinvented ourselves in March 2020. We severed our old constraints, and now our Agency is better in every way. We are a completely Independent Insurance Agency! We don’t have just one resource to use to help you. Now we have more than 60 great Insurance Companies to choose from!

Here’s what that means:

No matter what company you are with now, we can probably do much better, and put important dollars back into your budget for other necessities. We will find the great coverage you need, and you will pay less for it. It’s like finding money on the ground!

Think about it this way. You have insurance with one company. If we get you a new quote with another company, there’s a 50/50 chance we can do better, right? Imagine if we try that 60 times. Will the policy you have now to come out on top every time?  Not Likely! Can we absolutely guarantee that we will find you better coverage for less money? No, of course not. But the odds are in your favor 60 to 1! If it turns out that what you have is better, we will say so. Either way, you’ll know you have the best deal available.



Norm and Janet Maul


The Boss and Her husband